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"Hanbok" is a one year project that I came up with for my technical degree. My intention was to decrypt the notion of collective memory, through an exhibition on the Korean traditional dress : the Hanbok, and its image nowadays.
My work was a reaction to a debate that hatched in South Korea when it became trendy among young fashion designers to modernize the Hanbok.
I started with the concept that memories are a trace of the past in the present. I then visually expressed that idea by looking into traditional techniques and how to mix them with modern techniques.
I created patterns with organic forms to refer to traditional Asian patterned fabrics. I transformed the traditional results on photoshop to give them a numeric vibe and was allowed to start playing with them on different visuals.
This part was linked with my research work on South Korean culture, fashion evolution and the use of the Hanbok through time.
But I wasn't satisfied with this one-way treatment that only went from traditional to modern. I started a "ping pong" game between techniques to find out the real potential of each one of them.
I put my pattern inside the logo I designed , vectorised it, laser engraved it in wood, print it again and then transformed it with photoshop to create a unique texture.
The communication consist on the final poster and a book that summarize the exhibition, but also a stamp to mark the hand of the visitors as an entry ticket, gifs and a video to share on social medias as trailers of the exhibition.
Every step of the conception and creation of the poster is meant to also be a part of the exhibition. As it's on its own a way for me to prove that modernizing traditions is only enriching them and a part of History.
Global exhibition project - monotyping, stamp art, laser engraving, visual communication, photoshop manipulation, fashion design, photography, animation.