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"Check Point Republik" is a one year project that I worked on for my technical degree. I chose to work on the topic of borders and our relation to them.
The Check Point Republik (CPR) is created by a collective of artists that want to make people think about borders and what they are to them, to us. It's a fake republic that exist only on the borders.
Its whole communication is based on the parody of communist propaganda.
The aim of the CPR is to perform all around Marseille. The artists would collaborate together but also with the public in order to create a 3 dimensional experience.
Each performance would be announced by a poster and would have a stamp to sign your passing, into your CPR passport.
The citizen kit is the way to support the CPR and its artists. It"s a bag you can buy at any performance.
It contains : a map to find the events and informations, an eco-cup to enjoy drinks at the events and most importantly your passport that officially makes you a citizen of the CPR and give you access to some exclusive events.
Global communication project - brand image and communication